At MISO we “love first, and teach second”. This is especially true for the students in the Kindergarten Department. Students must feel loved, safe, cared for. It is a place for them to have fun, grow, learn, and develop. At MISO we strive to ensure that each child progresses according to his/her abilities by providing programs that cater to their individual needs. Our classes are equipped with furniture, appliances, and educational games which aid in the holistic development and honing of the children’s characteristics. We acknowledge the vital role of establishing positive relationships with children and families and as a result, we encourage and provide parents opportunities to be active in their children’s school life. In KG1 emphasis is placed on developing language skills and interpersonal relationships. We focus on exploring our everyday environment, developing our sensory skills and refining our fine motor control, as well as the core subjects of English, Math and Arabic. In KG2 the focus is shifted more towards the core subjects such as Literacy and Communication and Language for English and Arabic, Math, and Understanding of the World, whilst the Montessori ethos still flows through the classrooms. The children have specialist P.E, Music and I.C.T classes every week, in addition to daily Islamic sessions.